Caddy, I Want A Wagon! CTS Coupe And Wagon Still In The Mix

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We'd already heard the reports from a couple of different whispering lips. Plus we knew Winding Road's super-secret loin-burger eating source at the General already confirmed a coupe version of the CTS to them via carrier pigeon. Heck, even Automotive News has come out from behind their wall of subscription-secrecy once already and said it. Apparently once wasn't enough for Keith Crain's super-team, who think the rumor's so nice, it's necessary to say it twice:

"General Motors insiders say Cadillac is seriously considering a plan to create a family of CTS sedans, coupes and wagons that would emulate BMW's 3-series lineup."


Sounds to us like maybe Cadillac's taking the "pursuit" part of the slogan a bit more seriously than we initially thought — by innovating via copying. But seriously folks, will the madness ever end? Does Cadillac really need to create a minibrand within the brand?

Won't this just encourage other nameplates at the RenCen to create their own mini-lineups, culminating in a Chevy Silverado sub-compact Heavy Duty Super Sport hatchback sold with "Our Country" being sung by Alvin and the Chipmunks?

Oh yeah, the article also says the Cadillac Sixteen won't be built — because going high-end luxury, that's not really so much important to the General's luxe brand. At least it's not important when 3-series-like CTS wagon's can be built!


Cadillac CTS is in a family way (sub. req.) [Automotive News]

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