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Spec'ing the Cadilac CTC

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According to Winding Road, the coupe version of the Cadillac CTS, the CTC (Cadillac touring coupe), is headed to the NAIAS floor in Detroit this January. In the latest issue of the Winders' digital-only magazine, they've published spec images of what the first two-door, hard-roof Caddy since the Eldorado may look like. Of course, the show everyone's waiting for is the CTC-V, which will likely be at the high side of the lineup. Between that and the coming BMW M3, someone's bound to use "showdown" in a headline soon.


[via Winding Road magazine]

Report: Cadillac CTS Spinoffs on the Way?; Cadillac to Unveil 2008 CTS in Detroit [internal]


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I just took a telephone call from Cadillac... they actually responded to my email within 24 hours... that alone is a sign that perhaps they aren't grandpa's car company anymore!

I wrote asking them to finally put their sheetmetal where their ads were... actually make a car that competes favorably with Europeans... by making the CTC (maybe a V too) with comfort, power, and styling. I was told by their representative that while the CTS is revamped for next year.... the CTC remains just a "concept vehicle" to date. I hear her typing my responses... so I asked to be notified when I can stop buying Japanese and European cars and buy a kick-butt Cadillac coupe (maybe even a convertible).

I won't be holding by breath (or money) waiting for Caddy to make a fun,elegant car for the baby boomer and genXers !