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A British cabbie was made to remove the small blue glass cross from his dashboard after a passenger complained it looked too phallic. Who, exactly, would see a cross and think "Penis?" A teenage boy, of course.


The York driver is a devout Catholic with a perfect driving record and zero complaints who merely wanted to keep the tiny (smaller than a pack of cards) Greek cross in his cab, as he'd done so for years.

It was his misfortune, then, to pick up a 15-year-old on his way to school who saw the cross and couldn't help but associate it with genitalia. The local council took the kid's complaint seriously and ordered it removed.


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Upon seeing the small cross and realizing they were taking advice from a kid in the throes of puberty, the authorities admitted the complaint had been handled badly.

Later in the day the council forced the local baker to remove his yarmulke after a 13-year-old complained his head now looked like "a giant tit."

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