Illustration for article titled Buying An Infiniti Q50 Will Put You Out At Least $36,450

The sedan formerly known as the Infiniti G37 will start at $36,450 for the base model, a whopping $900 cheaper than the old car. Going deeper into the alphabet makes things less expensive, it turns out.


Infiniti announced today that a "well-equipped" Q50 will cost around $40,700. Those of you eager to jump on that sweet sexy Q-train can start configuring your cars online tomorrow.


In other news, Sebastian Vettel, the Infiniti Red Bull F1 champion and BFF of his teammate Mark Webber, was appointed "Director of Performance" at Infiniti. What does this job entail? Apparently, whipping a Q50 around a track in Japan and telling the engineers how it could be better.

Next time I see SebVet, I'll ask him if he has the Q-naming strategy figured out yet, because I haven't.

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