Buy This 1:8 Scale Model Of The Bugatti Chiron For $10,000 If You Want, I Guess

All Image Credits: Amalgam Collection

Who has $2.65 million to blow on a silly Bugatti Chiron? Now, if you were to offer me a 1:8 scale model of the Chiron and charge $10,160 for it—well, hm, I’d have to think for a second.

You know, I think I might pull the trigger on this one. It’s only an eighth of the size of a real car, and my apartment is only as big as a broom closet. I really wasn’t that jazzed at having a bed anyways. This is way better.


Here’s why: it is hand-crafted using the original CAD data from Bugatti, so it’s, like, super duper accurate.

Also! Amalgam Collection, the company who’s behind this thing, will tailor the model to any specification that I can dream up. So I can feel #unique.


Via Motor1

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