Buy it now: This guy's ex-wife or his Camaro?

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Cars and ex-wives often go together like Easter candy and a punch in the kidneys. (How many examples of this do we need?) The owner of this Camaro SS has to part with both, but only one gladly. The other one's failed to meet reserve on eBay.

As much as this car & my wife are loved and will be missed. I am forced to part with both, So my loss is your gain here. The car has less than 10,000 miles on it, her- a little more-just saying. The car has never seen snow, she can be as cold as ice. The car was garage stored when not in use, she is making me move out to the garage. This car has extraordinary acceleration with the 6.2L V8, superior handling, excellent value, head-turning looks, unique interior design, great fuel economy, and a throaty boasting exhaust, which beats a bitchy mouth any day.


The seller even prepared an informative spec sheet contrasting his Camaro with his former spouse.

As you can see, the Camaro naturally comes out ahead in all areas, considering it lacks many of the ex-wife's less-appealing features, including her Variable-Rate Bitch Mode, Motor-Mouth Low-Performance Brain and Active Micro Management.

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Also unlike the ex-wife, according to the seller, the Camaro isn't, ahem, loose on entry and the carpet indeed matches the drapes.


All we can say to this guy is, better luck next time. We're of course talking about the auction results.

(Thanks to Ken for the tip!)

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