Uses For An Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress, #72: Gas Cap

Illustration for article titled Uses For An Ex-Wifes Wedding Dress, #72: Gas Cap

A fellow whose wife left him for another man also left her wedding dress behind. Now, to keep himself occupied, he's finding 101 other uses for it. The latest? As a gas cap, oil change drip catch and bed liner.

The project is uncreatively dubbed "My Ex Wife's Wedding Dress" and chronicles the uses a discarded man has for a discarded dress. It's not necessarily meant to be vengeance, just funny, hopefully funny enough to publish a book about it. Aside from cramming the dress down a fuel nozzle as a gas gap, tossing it into the back of his Element as a bed liner and throwing it underneath as a drip pan, he's also dressed up a Darth Vader scare crow and used it as a pasta strainer, head over to the blog and check it out. It's amusing even if you aren't a man scorned. (Thanks for the tip Jubby [myexwifesweddingdress]

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Shamoononon drives like a farmer

At least he got the house. Too bad she left the car.