Buy Ethanol At GM's "E85 Days Of Summer" For 85 Cents Per Gallon, Get Free Corn Chips!

We normally couldn't care less about automaker pre-produced segments, and we'd never post them. That is until we found this one for the General's "E85 Days Of Summer" — a seven-city summer tour to promote the use of ethanol. We mean, come on — the lack of imagination, the abject literalism, the amateurish delivery, we give it three thumbs up! [via GM FYI Blog]


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@delsydsoftware: The subsidy program has been seriously flawed since Nixon's administration moved from granting loans in bumper crop years to simply making subsidy payments to the farmers.

As for the 'science', not only do we not have enough land resources to produce sufficient ethanol from corn (according the Vaclav Smil, we'd only be able to replace 1/4 of the gasoline we use if we used ALL of the ariable land in the country to grow corn), it's an energy negative conversion process at present (i.e. - it takes more energy to raise, harvest and convert the corn to fuel than is available in the fuel for use). There was a recent government study that showed a slight energy gain, but it's been widely panned by most scientists.

Beyond that, corn is a highly erosive crop that demands significant water and petroleum resources (in the form of pesticides, etc) to grow at the current industrial scale. As such, it does not represent a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.