Buy Blipshift's New Shirt And Support California's Firefighters

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The latest wildfires in California have been some of the most devastating natural disasters this country has ever seen. Some 400 square miles have burned, 86 are dead as of this writing, hundreds more are missing and thousands have lost their homes. And firefighters from across the country have worked countless hours to try and shut it down. Now, thanks to our friends at Blipshift, you can help them out a bit.

Every car enthusiast has a Blipshift shirt (or several) and California Dreamin’ is one that you should really add to your collection. Not only is it a list of some of the state’s best driving roads, this time the company is working with our bud Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire to give back. Fully 100 percent of profits here will be donated to the California Fire Foundation, an organization that supports the families of fallen firefighters and the communities they protect.


Last year, Jalops raised more than $20,000 to support hurricane relief, much of that from Blipshift’s sales, because that’s what car people do—we step up when folks need help. California and its first responders could use some of that help this time. The $24 for a shirt will go a long way to give back to some folks who have put their lives on the line battling this nightmare.

You can buy the shirt right here. Thanks for your support.

(Full Disclosure: While we’ve partnered with Blipshift on shirts before, this isn’t a GMG editorial or business tie-up; we see none of the profits here. I’m just letting you know about it because I like Blipshift, Matt and this cause could use our support.)