The Citroën DS is one of the greatest cars ever made. Hell, it may even be THE greatest car ever made. Now you have the chance to own a DS previously owned by rock legend Alice Cooper all for the low, low "buy it now" price of $115,000.

If you're thinking that $115,000 is way too much to pay for any Citroën, wait until you hear about the, um, changes the "School's Out" crooner made to this one.


Up for grabs on eBay is Cooper's 1964 ID19, which was the cheaper, more mechanically simple base model version of the DS. Except Cooper's car packs a Chevrolet LS1 crate motor good for 400 horsepower, a roll cage, rear-wheel drive (!), power steering, a fully independent suspension and other goodies.

It also hilariously has a Citroën engine cover over what it is very obviously an LS V8. (What, you didn't know Citroën really makes that motor?)

The winning bidder not only gets the car, which the seller claims has had some $300,000 pumped into it, but also an autographed guitar and tour photo, as well as 2 tickets to Alice Cooper's "Holiday Christmas Pudding Show" and the opportunity to play a round of golf with the man himself.


Not a bad deal at all, and smoky, rear-drive Citroën DS burnouts are something I want to see very much. Any takers?


Photos credit eBay

Hat tip to Nick!

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