Buy a LeMans Racer, Get the Factory for Free, Sort of

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Evans Automobiles of Georgia, builder of street-legal GT cars since 1986, is selling one of its racers. If you want another, you'll have to build it yourself — the company is leaving the business. But don't fret, the car comes with all the implements needed to build others, should you go in for that sort of thing. The car, an Evans S3 LeMans prototype — used as an FIA & EPA certification mule — sports a supercharged 3.8 L V6, five-speed tranny with limited-slip differential, pushrod suspension and ride height control for road use. On the outside, it's all DOT-approved glass and carbon fibre body, plus frame, seats and full roll cage on the inside. The company is asking $130,000 for the car and all the related molds, tooling and drawings to make others like it and its 4 Series cousin. Anyone want to go in on the Jalopnik GT?

Evans Automobiles

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