will.i.am Goes Berserk On Twitter After United Gives Away His Seat

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Maybe it's time for will.i.am to break up with United Airlines. But it's not United, it's you, Mister i.am, and they're just not that into you. The rapper's latest Twitter tirade occurred when he arrived at the airport only 45 minutes before his flight to China, and United had given away his seat.


The Black Eyed Peas rapper also lashed out at United back in May, when they booted him from an airport lounge into which he didn't have access. This time, United didn't reply to any of his tweets, and why should they? Getting to the airport 45 minutes before an international flight is absurd, even if you're a celebrity. I wouldn't get to the airport in that short amount of time, even if the flight was only an hour long. United's website says that check-in and baggage check must be completed one hour before the flight. So there you have it. He was just feeling sorry for himself, and whined on Twitter, hoping that his 12.5 million followers support him.


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Lost my sympathy with "premium passenger" as I am a base model passenger. Use your cajillion dollars and charter a flight, you big baby.