But How Is The Porsche 911 Turbo S As A Track Weapon?

Very effective would be one way to sum it up. We called the Turbo S terrifyingly fast, Evo thinks it’s a force of nature. It also might just be the best all-rounder money can buy.


With track-focused 911s like the GT3 or the new GT3 RS out there, we tend to forget that the Turbo S is still the most powerful car of the range, and a 911 that can accelerate to 62mph in 2.6 seconds all day long thanks to its all-wheel drive traction and PDK gearbox.


But the Turbo S is a road car, and being heavier than a GT3 means it shouldn’t be able to do what it does on a track. Yet all that torque, the all-wheel drive traction and its precise steering gives it such a high cornering speed even on the standard Pirellis that you couldn’t catch one with a Ferrari 458 Speciale, or pretty much any sub-million dollar rear-wheel drive car either.

And you get all this from a car that’s as practical and reliable as a Volkswagen Golf compared to its competition. Remarkable.

When did bending time and space become so easy?

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the best all-rounder money can buy

Back in 2012...