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They're back on the track for Day Two of racin' at the 24 Hours of LeMons South, and lust for the checkered flag has turned all these formerly polite Southern boys into a bunch of PCP-overdosed Junior Johnsons, with dramatic spinouts galore (yes, we'll have some action shots in a little while). A contributing factor to the higher speeds today is the less crowded track. Why less crowded, you ask? Well, when you pay $500 (or "$500") for a race car, you don't always get 100% bulletproof reliability.


What we have in the gallery here is a thrown Celica rod, a melted Cadillac brake caliper, a broken CRX camshaft, a blown XR4Ti head gasket, and so on. But not all these cars stayed off the track permanently; the guys in the Zappa-themed Utility Muffin Racing Team broke their cam during practice on Friday afternoon, drove like madmen to the nearest junkyard, and spent all night doing a head swap. The Corporate Machine Cadillac (with Barry Goldwater theme and a Hillary doll on the grille) had their brakes overheat to such an extent that the metal melted. And the Jalopnik readers in the Team Turbo Schnitzel Merkur XR4Ti blew a head gasket early on Saturday- I'm shocked, shocked!- but they were able to get to the car-parts store (fortunately, many Fords, including Rangers, have that 2300 engine) and get their racer back in shape for today.

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