Burnouts For All: Dodge Adds 1,000 More Hellcats To Production Schedule

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It's safe to say that the 707 horsepower 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and Charger SRT Hellcat have been massive, runaway successes for Dodge. That's why it's such a shame some dealers took more orders than they could deliver. So due to the car's popularity, Dodge will add 1,000 more Hellcats to the car's production run.

The news showed up on the Hellcat.org forum today, and read thusly:

For those of you still waiting on your VIN's, you just may be receiving a nice little surprise in the coming days. An anonymous source tipped us this morning and said that Dodge has just scheduled an additional 1,000 SRT Hellcat's to be built. Of those 1,000 new schedules, we did not receive any hard numbers on how many were Challengers or Chargers, but it's definitely a huge step in the right direction and looks like Dodge is listening.


A source familiar with the matter confirmed the news to Jalopnik, and it's good news indeed. The breakdown between Challengers and Chargers has not been revealed.

The Hellcat sedan and coupe have both proven to be extremely in-demand among power fiends, the Mopar faithful and anybody else lucky enough to score a good deal for such an incredibly powerful machine.

The Hellcat's exact production numbers have been a point of contention so far. Originally rumored to be limited to just 1,200 units, this was later proven false. But the car's popularity was unexpected, and a few weeks ago, dealers were told to stop taking Hellcat orders so Dodge could tackle the extensive backlog.

According to Allpar, more than 2,200 have been made so far as of early March, but some prospective buyers have been worried thanks to dealers taking more deposits than they could deliver.


Worry not, burnout fans. More Hellcats are on their way.

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