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Burning Tanker Truck Sends Flames 100 Feet Into Air

This amazing video shows a tanker truck that was struck by another car and hit a concrete dividing wall in Dallas this morning. The wreck shut down I-30 during rush hour and sent flames shooting into the air.


According to sources, only three people were sent to the hospital and none of them with life-threatening injuries. [via Dallas Observer]

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They got lucky. We had a woman who died recently when the tanker she was driving overturned coming off an on ramp, hit the concrete barrier and blew up. Luckily it happened at 5am so there were no other vehicles involved. They didn't find much of anything of her, or the truck beyond twisted frame and melted engine. They fixed the asphalt but there's still a charred spot on the barrier to remind you.

There was a tanker truck that overturned and blew up on the Capitol Beltway back when I lived in the area, maybe late 80s or early 90s and the reports of burning crash victims stumbling out of the walls of flames pleading futily for help before collapsing in smoldering heaps still fuels nightmares and give me the heebie-jeebies anytime a tanker truck is near by.