Bumblebee Camaro Gets New Body Kit For Transformers 3

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Everyone's favorite Chevy Camaro Autobot Bumblebee was caught chilling with Megan Fox on the set of Transformers 3 sporting a giant carbon fiber spoiler and other new parts. We're guessing they thought Fox didn't need any aesthetic upgrades.

The second installment of the Transformers series made enough money to encourage another bout of robotic action porn and they've used the extra change to give Bumblebee the works according to these spy photos from Megan-Fox.net.


Changes include the aforementioned rear spoiler, smoke-colored wheels, redesigned front splitter and fog lights, carbon fiber roof splitter, repositioned stripes, and mirrors inspired by the Stringray concept (Sideswipe). The only part we're not super on board with is the shark fin antenna. Does Bumblebee really need to get satellite radio? (Hat tip to Pct1theory!)


[Megan-Fox.net via TFW 2005]