Bumbeck Gets New Mirrors

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This is our third attempt at writing this post. Honestly, seriously, it was funny the first time, but now we're just pissed because our computer is a bigger idiot than Ann Coulter. And our right hand hurts from punching our monitor, because we, apparently, cannot distinguish between the faces of leggy conservative women with prominent Adam's apples and 20" ViewSonic monitors purchased from ex-roommates for 20 bucks. Meanwhile, Bumbeck out-pimped us today by scoring a set of JDM mirrors for his Starlet from some Thai eBayer.

We need to be more like Bumbeck and less like Ann Coulter. No doubt, Ed Iskenderian is eagerly awaiting the day Uncle Bumbeck plops down in front of him at the Island Burger, drops a cam in his fries and a set of lifters onto his plate and says, "Ed. 4KC. I want the Superleggera. The Five-Cycle grind. The Strategic Lift Command. The whole nine yards. What can you do for me?"


TOYOTA Starlet KP61 Corolla TE71 KE70 fender mirror NEW [eBay]

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