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Quick update from the Bullrun.

Scotto/Harris Z06: We heard from the Tall One: "1 ticket: 96 in a 65. The cops in Jersey were pretty fuckin' tight. We'd hear 'em over the scanner, 'Yeah, that, uh #67 Corvette, he's got good brakes,' as we nosedived into a speed trap." More musings from participants after the jump.

Notes from Dennis Collins, who's hammered almost 26,000 miles out of his '99 Ferrari 550 Maranello: "We started 34th and they didn't even have the gate open when we got [to Pocono]. Two of the Murcielagos broke. I've never gotten more than 3,000 miles out of a Lamborghini. 22,500 and it's never broken. I got a flat tire once, but I don't know if that counts. It's a great car, which is why I keep it." While the Lehmann-Haupt/Ferretti GT rolled in first with the Tove Christensen GT in second, Collins hit Toronto in fourth, but apparently, there was some sort of a time-card snafu involving the two first-place cars, so all is currently lost in the wheels of confusion. [Above photo courtesy JF Musial, Team Polizei]

Meanwhile, the Ward/Haller Stude is overnighting in Erie, PA, due to be sussed out tomorrow morning after a good night's rest. Stay tuned to Tha Jalop for all your Bullrunning needs.

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