Bullrun Tech, Subterfuge Edition: Electronic License Plate Blur Effect

We'd imagine if Bond's Q were still with us (RIP Desmond Llewelyn, 1999) he'd have come up with something like this license-plate blurer as an afterthought. We're not sure how well it's working in the field, but we'd imagine Johnny Law will be none too pleased. Best case for this Lambo-driving Bullrunner is he'll put one over on the man, and Lenscrafters will see an uptick in appointments from state troopers.


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Maybe it's made of Switchlite?

I sort of knew this stuff existed but I'd never looked into it before.

The website is pretty neat with on/off examples of various

installations. Power consumption is listed as a measly 3.5 watts per

square meter when in clear (powered) mode.

The only downside I see is that when the zombies come, if the power

grid is down you won't be able to look out the windows to see 'em