Bullrun '06: Party With Me Punker: San Diego Edition

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If you want to blast across the country, you can do it for as little as the cost of gasoline, accomodations, coffee and any incidental repairs and speeding tickets you may incur. If you wanna do it on the Bullrun, you've gotta pony up 14k. As an embedded journalist, we were provided with two nights of accomodations, at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and at the W Hotel in San Diego, which, in the interest of full disclosure, Los Jalopniks must admit to you. They also provided us with meals in Las Vegas, snacks in Lake Havasu, more meals in San Diego, a taco truck in Fontucky and a last supper in Los Angeles. With that out of the way, click through for an abbreviated Jalopnik-style Team Party Crash.

As somebody said to us, "The girls here can smell the size of your wallet a mile away." And well, it's largely true. The greatest females on the rally were generally the married ones, so we spent much of our time talking to them. After all, wouldn't you rather have a good conversation with somebody you know you is off-limits than spew futile, boring bullshit back and forth with somebody there's a 99% chance you won't score with anyway? Well, we suppose your mileage could vary.


Regardless, the girls they rounded up to attend the parties tended not to be interested in broke-dick bloggers. Instead, we tended to appeal to millionaire men. Big ups to the Bullrun wives, though. Your ovaries are equal to the cojones of your husbands, if not superior. Meanwhile, we're gonna go about figuring out how to be gay. Spence, CTE, a little help here?

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