Bullrun '06: Party With Me Punker: Final Party Edition

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Sadly, Jalopnik's Bullrun '06 coverage is grinding to a slow halt. Well, sadly for us at least, as we loved being on the rally, made some great new friends in the process and saw some amazing sights. We'll have a roundup tomorrow with memories from some of our favorite participants in the event. Here then, is a gallery of pics from the final party at Social in WeHo, detailing the awards handed out.

For those of you impatient with our gallery system, Tove Christensen took the biggie in the "Always First" category and our boy Rory Camangian took home a killer Stefan Johansson watch for his trouble creating the Los Matadors personas. Annabelle Frankl was handed a bottle of bubbly — presumably to ensure further arrests — and Chuck Mallett's award was presumably for the amount of amazo-factor his 'Vette added to the rally. One question though — where was the award for Ferretti and Lehman-Haupt? More on that snub tomorrow.


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