Bullitt Meetup in Review - A Week Later

Okay, you got us — this bit of Bullitt wrap up business is a little late in coming. We were busy bringing you all the breaking embargo releases Monday and schlepping it across the country to do that little New York Auto Show, so give us a break. Anyway, last Saturday saw the largest convergence of Jalopnik nerds in quite a while. While we never got an accurate headcount because some of you sulked in and then scurried back into your dank basements to check for updates after, we did have a good time. There's no way to have a bad time when you're out at an old theater to take in a cool flick and a new Ford Mustang Bullitt pulled onto center stage for a surprise cameo.

We especially appreciate those who went out of their way and made up Wert-centric paraphernalia to display your command of auto-site-enthusiasm. Check out the gallery to see if you're famous, otherwise thanks for showing up and we hope to put together more events to amuse and entertain you slobs in the future. Also, if you pay attention in the galleries, there's room for dragon jokes.


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