Bukowski and the Beetle

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It's funny to us that one of the more enduring things associated with Charles Bukowski is his old Volkswagen Beetle, given the man's extra-manly reputation. This is not a photograph of his dash, but rather a 200mph speedo that a Herbie replica aficionado installed in his own '64. Then again, if we had Buk's Beetle, we'd likely splurge on a 200mph speed-gauge ourselves, while leaving everything else intact. Somehow, we think the erstwhile Hank Chinaski would appreciate the irony. Also, Minuteman, fIREHOSEr, newest Stooge and San Pedro's ambassador to the world, Mike Watt, just interviewed Linda, Bukowski's widow. Totally worth a read.


mike watt talks w/linda bukowski for mean magazine [Mike Watt's Hoot Page]

Celebrity Struggle Buggies: Mike Watt's '05 E-350 [Internal]

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Not to pee in anybody's cheerios, but it's far more likely that speedo was meant to be read in km/h, so it would max out at 120mph. Still not attainable by most bugs, but a bit more realistic at least.