Building The 638 HP LS9 Corvette ZR1 Engine

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Ever wonder what the hand-assembly of an LS9 — the 638 HP supercharged heart of the 2009 Corvette ZR1 — actually looks like? Well, the guys over at Automobile actually got to lend a hand in bolting one together. So, let's all take a moment to forget all about Nurburgring lap times and dealer mark-ups to sit back and watch GM do what GM perhaps does best: build a big ol' thumpin' V8. Video after the jump.



I'd rather have a handbuilt engine any day. If there's a problem with the engine, there's a distinct trail of responsibility, and I can call back to the factory and ask them what happened to my engine. Voice on the phone asks for numbers off my block, next thing you know I'm talking to the actual guy who put my mill together. We talk. Maybe we come up with a solution right there on the phone, maybe he admits he was on a handful of antihistamines at the time. Whatever, the soul of my hypothetical machine actually has some connection to the human race.

Not so the engine in my Toy. It's got more relation to the CyberDyne Systems 101.