Build Your Very Own Jaguar F-Type And Share It Here

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One of the stars of the Paris Motor Show was the long awaited Jaguar F-Type. The two seater roadsters are some of the most beautiful cars we've seen in a long time.

But perhaps the color combos of the cars in Paris didn't light your fire, even the one we let you walk around. Well, don't despair, because now you can build your very own Jaaaaaaaaag.


While pricing per option isn't available, you can build your very own F-Type just how you want it. Want red seats? Done. British Racing Green exterior? For shizzle. Manual Transmission? Well, no, not yet. But perhaps in the future.


The F-Type we created is a V8S with a classic combo of British Racing Green and a tan top and interior. The black wheels also look just right and add a bit of aggression.

Go here to build your F-Type and share an image with us in Kinja below. We'll award 23 internet points each to the best looking F-Type as well as the ugliest ones you guys can come up with. Go wild!


PRO TIP: Click the link at the end of the configurator to make a PDF of the car. That'll give you a better screenshot to post below!