As I understand it, the "steering wheel" is a necessary component in making a car change direction. If the "steering wheel" becomes detached, then the car can no longer turn. Sounds like a minor issue, but Buick is recalling 144 Encores because they see a "steering wheel" falling off as a major problem.

When I was but a young tyke, my Dad gave me a Momo steering wheel to hang on my bedroom wall. From time to time, I'd sit at the end of my bed with it and pretend to drive a car. Of course, that wheel wasn't attached to anything. Now, some Buick owners might get to experience the same unbridled joy I had as a child, turning a wheel that isn't actually attached to anything.


The recall is for 144 cars built in December 2012 with the heated wheel option. If the steering wheel comes off while you're driving, the best solution is to start screaming, pee your pants, and come to a slow, controlled stop using something I've heard of called the "brakes," or possibly "breaks." I believe they're operated by a pedal or possibly a series of pulleys in the cockpit. Either way, stopping will help you avoid hitting a gas station and something else known as "fiery death."