Buick Lucerne to Get Major Ad Push

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Buick's newest hopeful, the Lucerne — the Swissified replacement for the Le Sabre — will suck up 20% of the GM brand's first-quarter ad budget for 2006, or $9 million, according to AutoWeek. It'll even get an endorsement from Tiger Woods (don't be so impressed, they're paying him). The company is going heavy in an attempt to gain sales traction for the pivotal new model, considering the relatively weak showing of its smaller Lacrosse sibling. Buick has also dropped Aerosmith's "Dream On" from its ads. A new slogan, "Beyond Precision," which experts say promises to boost wiggle room by approximately 18%, will dominate Buick's newest messaging.

New Lucerne to dominate Buick ad spending; vehicle to get special Tiger Woods pitch [AutoWeek]

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