Buick Has A Waiting List For The Enclave?!

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Maybe it's the rounded rear (more rounded than its two Lambda stable mates) or maybe it's the way the front end tapers down to that trademark styling cue of the "dollar grin" oval chrome-ribbed grille. Whatever the reason, we've got to say the Buick Enclave's a helluva lot better looking than anything out of David Dunbar's lineup in a number of years. Still, it's a 7-passenger Car-UV, and no amount of "cool cache" from Tiger will change the fact it's the replacement for two SUV's and a minivan in the Buick brand lineup. But, it must be getting enough of a look from the blue-haired (or maybe non blue-haired) crowd as we're being told this morning by Automotive News even without an ad campaign, they've still got 9,500 early dealer orders — that means they've got orders going out through June. Not too shabby for the badge often known as dead brand walking. See for yourself and let us know what your thoughts are on the new Buick — is it hot or not?

Sales of Buick's new Enclave are strong even before ads start (sub. req.) [Automotive News]


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