Bugatti's Recalls Are A Little Different Than Everyone Else's

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Last week, Bugatti said that it was recalling 47 Chirons because of possible bad welds in seat recliner brackets. Hilariously, they estimated that one percent, or just less than half of a single Chiron, was affected. They also said their team of “Flying Doctors” would solve everything.


“Vehicles will be recalled and customers will receive a letter. Our Flying Doctors will also inform customers individually by phone/then e-mail to arrange an appointment to have the vehicles fixed,” the company wrote in a recall notice submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Nov. 29.

Bloomberg has a few more details:

They will then retrieve the affected Chirons and transport them in an enclosed truck to one of 12 Bugatti dealers in the U.S. for inspections, Cedric Davy, marketing manager for Bugatti [said].


A total of 47 vehicles worldwide are affected, about 12 of which are in North America, Davy said.

For a $2.99 million car, Flying Doctors are probably the least Bugatti can do.

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Mechanics have been dispatched.

Apparently Bugatti got the idea from an old issue of Popular Science