Bugatti Veyron Vs. Nissan GT-R, Round 2

Last time the Bugatti Veyron went up against a 735 hp Switzer P800 Nissan GT-R, the Bugatti walked it like a dog. Now we've got a GT-R that's running "right" and it obliterates the Veyron at a drag strip.

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marimvibe, new packaging, same great taste

The Veyron is the second fastest production, street-legal vehicle in the world. This does not mean it is the second quickest production, street legal vehicle in the world. I can think of several examples of 4 cylinder power that could beat it in a quarter mile. Sure, turn it into a 4 mile test of "Hey, I bought a faster car than you," it'll beat everything but the SSC Aero, but what does that matter? Straight lines are boring.