This "celebrity/executive owned" California Bugatti Veyron is listed on eBay Motors for less than $1 million, a major markdown for a rare car that went for around $1.6 million new. What? Did the Veyron-for-Corvette trade-in destroy the market?

Buying and selling Bugatti Veyrons and other super exotics is quite difficult. Given the amount of money exchanging hands people often backout, can't get financing or try to split up the cost of the car between three friends and then one person backs out. According to exotic car dealers we've spoken with in the past, cars like the Bugatti, which cost thousands of dollars to service, are less valuable if they cheap out or miss even one service.

The dealers claim this car was fully serviced and has records to prove it, so it may not be the case here. It's also has relatively high mileage for a Bugatti, listed at 11,127 miles. Either way, we don't recommend hitting the buy-it-now button and not buying it now. (Hat tip to Robert!)