Bugatti Veyron Bleu Centenaire: Exclusive First Photo!

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Here is the first photo of the special edition Bugatti Bleu Veyron Centenaire, the 100th anniversary car rumored to have a max-speed of 273 MPH ahead of the official Geneva Motor Show debut tomorrow.


All we have is this photo, so we've got no way to prove this vehicle actually goes from standing still all the way up to 273 MPH. What we do know is there's definitely a special edition Bugatti and it carries the company's famous racing blue color. The most stunning aspect of the car is the two-tone gloss vs. matte paint. It's striking in its solid paint job, with an unknown amount of power lurking behind those ropes. (Hat tip to clutch kick!)

[Source: Twitpic via Sky Motoring]

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By pure numbers and sheer sheik-ness, this car has it's merits, personally, I hate it. It's so ugly :(