Bronx Police Bust Dozens Of Fake Cabbies

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Police say dozens of fake cabdrivers in New York's borough of the Bronx were nailed for picking up passengers in unsafe, unlicensed and uninsured cars. What tipped law enforcement off? These cabbies were friendly, helpful and drove safely.


Five vehicles were seized and 44 summonses were issued this summer after residents in Pelham Bay complained that a surge of livery cabs — think black Lincoln versions of the standard yellow Panther-platformed sedans — at the No. 6 train terminal were causing congestion and endangering pedestrians and other motorists. [New York Post]

Photo Credit: Luke Roberts / Flickr

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Well the NYPD has their own taxis.

Note that the medallion number (as seen on the taxi top and sides) does not match the plate number and the Police Interceptor badge.