Brittany Force Breaks Another Top Fuel Drag Racing Record In Las Vegas

Screenshot: Youtube

The big racing news this weekend is supposed to come out of Texas, where Formula One and NASCAR are racing, but Nevada wasn’t going to be outdone. Out in Las Vegas, Brittany Force has broken yet another Top Fuel drag racing record.

Putting down a thousand-foot time of 3.659 seconds at 338.17 mph, the NHRA says that Force’s run is the fastest pass in Top Fuel history, beating the record of 336.57 mph set last year by drag racing legend Tony Schumacher.

Force’s accomplishment is an even bigger deal than Schumacher’s record because she set not only the time record but the speed record as well. That’s not easy when you’re sitting in front of more than ten thousand horsepower. But hey, maybe the equivalent of sticking a taser in your ear canal is worth it when you’re breaking records.


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