Brits Lose Collective Mind: Fiat 500 Goes For Nearly $400,000

Fiat 500s sell for around $16,000 to $22,000 USD. A little high, perhaps, but not unreasonable. Fiat 500s with some artist's scribbles all over the place apparently sell for around £200,000 (or about $390,540 USD with today's kick ass exchange rate). That's practically brain numbing. Yep, some English artist named Tracey Emin decorated a 500 with... something, titled it "Dark Dark Dark," and convinced some British wierdo to fork over a huge pile of cash (albeit to charity). It's more than likely a write-off for some hedge fund manager, but we sure wouldn't want our money in the hands of that guy. Wonder if Pammy has given him a call yet?



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