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With the amount of talented artistic types in the world, it's somewhat jaw-dropping that ugly cars exist, but exist they do, and when the populace of the United Kingdom was asked to vote, they chose the recently-introduced Ssangyong Rodius as the ugliest car in the nation. We referred to the Rodius as an "R-Class with Down s Syndrome," recently, and we stand by that assertion, although Ssangyong's take is a tad different. They claim that it "comes with a strong emotional component that will make it a focus of attention." Um, yeah. Other heavy-on-the-yuck-factor vehicles included the original Fiat Multipla (the winner of Jalopnik's "Uglier Than the Aztek?" contest a few months back), and a pair from DCX at either end of the pricing scale: The Maybach and the PT Cruiser.


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