Britons Mad Slovenly

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There was a classic Russian-car joke floating around the UK back in the 1980s: Q: What do you call a Lada with a sunroof? A: A skip! (For y'all not inclined toward the Queen's English, a skip is known stateside as a dumpster.) And apparently, according to a study by Kia, that's exactly how Britons are using their cars. Kia's UK unit's managing director, Paul Williams says, "As a nation, we're known for being 'house proud' but we're obviously not very 'car proud.'" Oh, so what, Paul? Let 'em be slovenly if they wanna be. It's not like Kia hasn't made some cars built with the same attention to detail. [Confidential to Life Style Extra's copy chief: Your skills belong in a vintage Kia.]

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