British Tuner's Take On The Performance SUV: Qashqai-R

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British GT-R tuner Severn Valley Motorsport (SVM) has executed a new approach to the performance SUV— packing performance parts and the powerplant from an R35 into Nissan's 7-passenger Qashqai.

The Qashqai, which I've just learned is a population of Islamic people living primarily in Iran, is also Nissan's slightly-bigger-than-a-Rouge cute ute made for Europe, Japan, and Australia.


Simply dubbed the "Qashqai-R" SVM aimed to produce something more low-profile than the wild Juke-R franken-utes we've seen from other outfits. However it seems they were unable to resist an aggressive body kit and vinyl for their exhibit at the Autosports show, where the SUV is on display right now.

They started with a brand new Qashqai 360 +2 (AWD seven-seater) and a 2012 R35. Both in white, a color they seem to be particularly fond of.

To retain all of the GT-R's running gear, the SUV body was mounted on top of the GT-R's chassis and floor pan. The suspension geometry, engine, and gearbox are all in the same place they were before they began surgery.


They're also keeping the panoramic sunroof, which is good because that's one of the best reasons to buy a Qashqai no matter what's under the hood.

But just about everything else about the original SUV is absent. Everything inside that isn't custom is GT-R.


SVM was not commissioned to build this beast, they dreamed it up on their own and are now collecting interest from potential buyers. The plan is to build more on a by-order basis, with a range of power and interior options.


You can follow the build from start to finish on the British forum GTROC.

The finished product looks mean as it sits right now on display in Birmingham, England. But SVM representatives have hinted that the exterior will be dialed back to a more conservative form.


Prices have not been announced, I'd be curious to hear your guesses.

To help you try and figure it out, here's SVM's mod list so far:


3.8L SVM Spec Forged Carillo Rods

SVM Spec Forged CP Pistons

New Nissan Bearing Set

New Nissan Gasket Set

New Nissan Head Gaskets

New Nissan Head Bolts

Dynamic Balancing of Crank/Rods/Pistons/Flywheel & Pulley

ATi Crank Damper Pulley


Uprated Motorsport 1st Gear

3 Mechanical Cir Clip Upgrade

15 Piece Gear Treatment

SVM Gearbox Oil

SVM 16 Plate Clutch System


SVM Bar & Plate Intercooler

76mm Hard Pipe Kit

Silicon Hose Kit

Murray Clamps


Custom Roll Cage

Eibach ARB's Front & Rear

KW Spring Sleeve Kit

Wheels & Tires

MY09 Alloys or MY12 Alloys

Michelin MPSS Tyres


Dixcel Slotted Carbon Steel Rear Rotors

Dixcel Compound A Pads

Braided Brake Lines

Dot 5.1 Brake Fluid

Images: Severn Valley Motorsport

Hat tip to Stephen Levinson!

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