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With Bristol Cars preparing to re-launch just as its celebrating its 70th anniversary, Tony Crook’s locked up basement office under the famous Kensington showroom has been revealed for the first time in five decades.


Crook opened the now iconic showroom in 1962, and while things were looking bright at first, once he became the owner in 1973, Bristol’s lineup felt outdated, and subsequently members of the press weren’t welcome in Kensington anymore.


Crook was also picky about his customers and soon retreated to the basement, only to be surrounded by everything there was to know about Bristols, and nothing else.

Tony Crook retired in 2007 but the basement remained a no-go area up until recently, when the folks from Goodwood Road & Racing became the first to dust down those drawers and have a look inside the treasure box:

Holy Batcave Tony!

Photo credit: Tom Shaxson via GRR


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