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Burkitt & Burkitt, basking in trashy pretense, want to do a Mini covered in Swarovski-crystal-murals. And for some reason, they've started with a 1/6-scale model based on the Beatles. The Beatles? Dear Burkitts: The Beatles were huge, not mini. Also, Mini is no longer owned by the British. Hence, we think that y'all should produce a Mini crystal tribute to Accept, the German heavy metal band fronted by the diminutive, rotund, effeminate Udo Dirkschneider. Mini. Gay. Fast as a shark. German. Metal. London leatherboys. Crystal. What's more Accept than that? Nothing, godammit. Nothing. Hi de hi do, hi da...

Burkitt & Burkitt

George Barris Mini Doubleheader at SEMA [Internal]


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