We see this all the time during the BS Inspection: team can't get their shit together to finish their LeMons racer in time, so they bring their "real" race car and ask to be allowed to drive it.


Most of the time, said "real race car" is a Spec Miata, and we usually tell the team to go fish (because the typical Spec Miata in a LeMons race will go right out and rack up 27 black flags and then take out a couple of Neons in a boneheaded wreck). This time, however, it was a pretty cool-looking '92 SE-R with built SR20DET. We figured we'd give the car 9,200 penalty laps, in honor of its year of manufacture, and let the drivers get some seat time.

Of course, they're still eligible for the People's Curse... or to have the Chief Perp claim the car for 500 bucks. Hmmm... who wants to drive a caged SE-R back to California?

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