'Bricks Fly' In First Land Rover Defender Rally Series Event

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The "Defender Challenge" racing series that pits Bowler-powered stock-looking Land Rover Defenders against each other in rally stages kicked off this month. Turns out 175 horsepower is enough to make a boxy little Landy lots of fun to watch!

Edd Cobley and co-driver Allan Jackson won the race. Cobley described the Defender as "interesting" on the hairpins in what I believe is known as "classic British understatement." Jackson might have mentioned something about his helmet being "hotter than a hoochie coochie," whatever that means.


Six rounds remain, which will bring the Bowler Defenders to South Wales, Somerset, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire and Dorset in a combination of hill rallies and stage rallies. The final round goes down in Scotland in November.

Competitors could win the privilege of competing in additional rallies in Europe and North Africa with the Bowler Works team if they prove they've got the potatoes to get work done. Driver Damien Taft, who finished second in this race, mentioned he hopes to use this series as a stepping stone to the Dakar.

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I love this. I also love that "tuned to 175 hp" is actually a noticeable gain in power. I wish Toyota could figure out events like this, they have a larger SUV offering than any other car manufacture, and WAY more body on frames suv's than anyone else. Toyota, why you no market anything but The beige 3™­ (highlander, Camry, Corolla)