Brian Lopes' Sportmobile Sprinter

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Yesterday, we ran into Dan Neil at the LA Auto Show and stopped and chatted a bit. He seemed pleased to meet us, and we were certainly pleased to meet him. As erudite and quick in person as he is on the page, Neil mentioned that his son was in a band and wanted to tour. His choice for the ultimate Rock 'n' Roll Sexy Van? The Dodge Sprinter. Customized for two-wheeled maven Brian Lopes, this Sportmobile-built Sprinter 2500 is a no-nonsense hauler that illustrates the utility of the Merc/Dodge van and simply put, kicks ass.

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With room for a couple of motocrossers or a number of bicycles in the wayback and a small living area behind the front seats, a Kicker sound system and knobby tires, the blood-red, no-nonsense van looks innocuous yet slightly menacing due to its off-road tires. Subtlety and utility carry the day here, and in a world of flash custom vehicles for celebs, it's a welcome change.

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