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Mechanical engineer, math wiz and potential cast member of "The Office," Brian Feldman is a devotee of the minivan genre. He's owned minivans since he was 19 (we have no idea how old he is now, though he's likely less old than Rip Taylor and more old than a bag of Funyons), and enjoys the "extreme comfort for all occupants," "thoughtful design and features" and "chic exterior appearance" of such vehicles. Want more? Click through for an excerpt from his FAQ page. [Thanks to Jeff for the tip.]

Is it easy to get girls in a Town & Country?

Yes. As I mentioned previously, the engineers at Chrysler designed the seats to be at just the right height so there is no need to climb or drop way down to enter the vehicle. Most of them can just slide right in to the front seat without much effort, especially if the seats are leather - they're slipperier than the cloth.

No, I meant is it easy to attract girls when you drive a Town & Country?

It's no harder than it was in the Saturn that I drove before I entered the wonderful world of minivan ownership. And I haven't seen any sports cars out there with privacy glass and enough room for a bed in the back. If I wanted to attract the type of girls that were only attracted to a sports car or I felt like I needed to compensate for something, I'd go out and buy one just for that purpose. Till then I'm sticking with the minivan. Any girl who wouldn't date a guy that drives a minivan isn't worth dating. I know this from talking to some girls who said they would never date a guy who drives one.


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