Brett Berk's brilliant automotive Passover Haggadah

In honor of Passover, beginning early next week, Brett Berk, Vanity Fair's brilliant auto-scribe, formed an automotive minyan, asking his ten favorite Car Jews (including himself) to choose an automotive plague and a representative car. We think you'll enjoy Wert's.


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The quote from Lord Wort:

"After Pharaoh again refused to liberate the children of Israel, God ordered Moses to open a Toyota dealership in Egypt. And Moses did, closing down the local exotic-imports store to found Moses & Aaron Toyota, home of the "Chosen—For a Better Deal!" guarantee. And deal they did, selling a great many boring Toyota Camrys, clogging the nation’s roadways, and creating massive gridlock as the Egyptians went from pyramid to home each day. Yet as Pharaoh looked out on the bumper-to-bumper sea of bland appliances on the Upper Nile Expressway, and saw his people’s expanding waistlines and dull, cow-like eyes, he still would not relent and let our people go."


BTW, where is COTD?