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We're watching and listening to Alan "New Guy" Mulally and Mark "Movie Star" Fields on FoMoCo's live webcast of their "Way Forward" plan and now you can watch all the hijinks too. Just click the link below and hear all about the automakers "Bold Moves."

'Way Forward' Webcast Information [Ford Motor Company]

UPDATE: Live-blogging sort of going on below the jump. Keep hitting refresh and we'll keep you up-to-date on what's going on.

9:21 AM — We were'nt gonna live-blog this, but what the hell. So it seems like this is going to be a Mustang based revival of FoMoCo. Plus you know, the Ford Fairlane was the hit of the NorAm auto show in Detroit. In fact if you listen to Ford, it was:

New Hotness
1.) Ford Fairlane
2.) Chevy Camaro
3.) Dodge Challenger

9:25 AM — The return of quarterly reporting! Yay!

9:28 AM — Well, that was fast. We guess FoMoCo is done with the public portion of todays proceedings. We'll have an update up shortly.


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