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Yeah, we know how boring this sounds, but it's really important. The UAW today at the 34th constitutional convention adopted a resolution allowing the leadership to shift $110 million from their "strike fund" to two key areas of need for the union. The resolution diverts $50 million to further fund operating costs and $60 million to fund organizing activities, member education and issue advertising. Why is this a big deal?

It's a big deal because the 1,300 union delegates, in passing the proposal by a wide margin, endorse the UAW leadership in their strategy to grow the union through membership expansion — not membership retainment, aka "not strikes." That's welcome news to folks at Delphi, GM, Visteon, Ford, etc. and maybe shows that this here UAW — ain't the big n' bad boy of old. Hmm, is that a narrative change we hear — why yes, it is.

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