Breaking! Pontissanault Here We Come: GM Board Agrees To Consider Alliance With Renault-Nissan

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The General's Board of Directors agreed today to consider an alliance with Renault-Nissan. CEO Rick Wagoner made the following statement after what many say was a surprisingly short board meeting:

"We will enter into discussions with the managements of Renault and Nissan with an open mind — eager to hear their ideas of how an alliance between our companies might work to our mutual benefit"


We gotta say that's a really slick move Rick. It's smart to at least be talking, and it paints Wagoner as not being against possible solutions — which was what many folks feared he would be. Kudos to Rick for saving his butt from being dropped directly into the coals for at least one more day. But wait, Wagoner had more to say:

"Given the complexity of any potential relationship, it has to be carefully considered on its merits before coming to any conclusion...we are committed to an objective and thorough review of that potential."

Ah, now there's the Wagoner we all know and love! Let's paint it as both "complex" and a "relationship" — not so much an attempted "ousting." Well played sir, well played. The board is yours, Kirk.

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