Breaking Over The Weekend! Bez To Buyout Aston Martin?

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You'd think the Brits would be kind enough to let us 'mericans have a nice, quiet Labor Day — but fear not, we wouldn't even let news bother us as we celebrated our lefty socialist labor lovefest. Like for instance, news emerged this weekend that there could be two competing buyout offers for FoMoCo's Aston Martin led by former Ford CEO Jacques "euro-look" Nasser and the other by Aston Martin's current CEO, Ulrich Bez. So this could end up being like one big FoMoCo reunion — so we say Bill Ford should make it like a real high school reunion, and if he'll pay for the liquor, we'll bring the coke and we'll let Jacques and Ulrich bring the years of regret, self-hating and desire to "show everyone." Sounds like a blast.


Aston Martin CEO to lead management buyout - report [CBS Marketwatch]

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